How many times have we heard the phrase “Sex sells?” Based on the popularity of pornography, sexy ads and erotic novels, it’s easy to see it. The success of the novel turned movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” proved that as well. The record-breaking selling erotic novel has spawned tons of other copies. It has also led to many to try and write their own erotic book. In addition, tons of erotic porn videos are now appearing everywhere you look.

Adult film companies have been churning them out to keep up with the public demand. You also have amateur and private home porn movies. For instance, femdom porn videos can be found all over. They copy many of the sex scenes and acts described in the Fifty Shades book. Seeing all the demand for erotic porn stories, a lot of people have begun looking into writing their own. But, writing an erotic novel is much easier said than done. There are several steps you must take to make sure your particular story sells.

Make Your Stories Real

Anytime you write a sexual story that doesn’t turn you on, probably won’t be effective for the reader either. That’s why writing stories which are realistic and authentic is crucial. You can write about your personal fantasies. Even the ones you may think are too far out or wild. Let your erotic stories be so real that both you and the reader will be aroused right away.

Maintain Romance & Sexual Tension 

Most of the best movies or books have worked because of their build-up. Some begin slow and then turn on the heat as the story progresses. Yet too often, some writers jump right into the sex or climatic scene. They skip romance, heart breaks and other sexual tension.

Be Mindful Of The Genre

When you write about a topic, you always need to respect the genre. The same rules apply when writing about sex. This is not a simple jerk-off book for the person reading it. While that is all good, assume they want more than that. Be mindful to arouse their intellect as well as their loins.

Brand The Work Accordingly

In the world of erotica, there are many sub genres. Sometimes, a writer can get lost trying to cover too many grounds. It’s important to remember who the audience you are targeting is. Whether it’s BDSM, lesbian or something else, keep the main aspects of your story lined up.

Avoid Using Too Many Clichés

Pounding her like a horny rabbit, his tool found her box and other clichés are old. Readers have read and heard these platitudes thousands of times already. Try writing about something people have never heard before. Euphemisms are used for body parts too often in many erotic novels.

Sex Isn’t Everything

Although sex does sell, it shouldn’t be everything your erotic novel is about. A strong and great story should be first and the sex should be second. Developing the plot and characters is what will keep people interested, not just sex. There has to be a balance of both to make your story amazing and captivating.

Insert All Senses Into Your Writing

Unlike erotic porn videos, the reader has to have the scene and surroundings painted for them. That means writing about not just things that you see, but other senses as well. Include sounds, smell, how his or her body taste and so on. The person reading your story wants to be taken where you are. Using all five senses will make you and them achieve that easier.

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