How To Write a Resignation Letter

Sometimes leaving a job, especially a difficult one makes it a challenge for many of us to say good things about that past employment. But one thing to keep in mind is, what’s important for you as any future opportunities is that, you don’t want to burn bridges as you’re seeking other job opportunities later. As they say, if you speak badly about a previous employer, that future employer will wonder, what are the things you’re going to say about them?

To ensure a professionally written resignation letter, follow these tips;

Think Ahead

When writing your resignation letter, you have to think ahead. Explaining your reasons is actually not the most important thing. They maybe the most important thing to you, but you’ve got to think ahead. Whatever your reason, your grievance or whoever you’ve fallen out with, don’t go there. That really doesn’t matter. Keep reminding yourself that you’re leaving and what happens after you’ve gone doesn’t matter. What matters is the future. Think ahead and leave the right impression because you don’t know what is going to happen next and you don’t know when you’re going to bump into these people again.

Writing The Resignation Letter

There are three things you want to do in a resignation letter;

One is to actually resign, give the date, give the details and explain how and when you’re proposing to leave and who you’re going to leave in charge. So, who is going to clear up after you? You don’t want to leave a mess, you want to leave a good impression.

The second thing is you want to say something nice about the time you’ve had there even if you’ve been miserable for the last month, three months or year. There will be things and people that you can point to that you can feel warm about – build on those. Make sure you leave a positive impression.

Lastly, you have to say why. Yes, you still have to explain your reason, but you don’t have to tell the whole truth. If the real reason is that you and somebody else can’t stand each other and you can’t work with that person anymore, don’t go there. Just say, you need a change, you need to freshen up or you could say you want to spend more time with your family. You can say things that are truthful but you have to do it in a positive way.

That point may come second in your letter. Just follow the natural flow of it. The most important thing to remember is the future and the fact that you may run into these people again or if you don’t run into them, they will run into other people and they will say things about you. If you leave on angry terms, that will get around and that could damage you.

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