Step By Step Guide To Writing a Play Script

If you paint something, you want to get to the point where you’re just painting without thinking of it. But in the beginning, you’re thinking about each individual color and brush stroke. It’s the same thing with writing. You will break it down into the component parts, and then after that, you fly forward with it.

There are important steps to writing a play script, and you can do them in any order. It shouldn’t be a structured regimented thing, but must be something that is in the back of your mind and something that you’re aware of.


Research comes in two different parts. There’s a research you need to do at the very beginning to see if you want to proceed with doing this play, and also everything you need in the background to get you started and going on it. There’s another kind of research which is smaller, more detailed research along the way. It might be to do with certain characters or certain details.

It’s very important to start off doing the basic research you need to do to get the play started. Because, if you try to do every bit of research in the whole play, you might burn out before you even start.


Also, the writing process itself is broken into two parts. One part, which is probably the most important part of writing, is the creative part, which is not necessarily typing into the computer, but it’s about thinking up the idea and putting the ideas together. It could be in your special private place where you’re getting the most creative inspiration, or it could be driving along the street where you’re getting an idea. It’s simply the creative writing process and figuring out the characters and what kind of conflict they’re going to be going through.

The other part is simply the input. One of the reasons for really dividing these four points of writing a play script is that you can get in trouble if you start doing all of these together. Whatever works for you is the process to go with. But a good rule of thumb is when you’re doing writing and especially inputting, you’re finally ready to put all this down on paper.


You don’t want to stop and do little edits. So, just get it laid out there, you might want to jump right into it and edit it or put it away for a couple of days. Think about it before you edit it. But whatever you do, those steps are often good to separate a little bit.


After you decide what you’ve edited down, what rewrites are you going to do? Are you going to add characters? Are you going to need some stronger conflict, or a different, more realistic conflict? These are all things you can think about.

Now you know these steps, put them in the back of your mind, proceed forward and create a wonderful play.

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