Ways To Get Noticed As a Writer

A book or content is one of the most trusted forms of communication. It’s one of the few things that your prospects will actually take you to bed with them. As William Shakespeare used to say, the pen is mightier than the sword. Meaning, you can build armies, you can win wars and you can also tear down governments with a power of a pen.

Freelance writing career for instance can be a lucrative way for writers to make money while still having the flexibility to follow their passions and embark on other writing projects too.

Books and content are really easy to write and publish now with the power of Social Media, Amazon and other publishers or platforms. If you’re thinking of writing a book or have written an online content and you want to know how it can get more attention, consider these tips;

Promote Your Story

No matter which route you take, one thing stands true. You, as the author will be mostly responsible for the marketing and promotion of your book. You are expected to grow your author platform and your readership.

Utilize Social Media

You need to utilize social media regularly and consistently. If you are an aspiring writer and you’re not on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Tumblr, then it might be time to seriously consider hopping on the bandwagon.

Create A Website

Design a website to showcase your book. It’s a one stop shop for your readers to find everything that they need. Make sure your website is professional-looking and the interface is user-friendly.

Sign Up On Goodreads

Sign up for the Author Program on Goodreads and host giveaways for your book. The most effective giveaways offer only one autographed copy and they include all countries. This will increase the exposure and give readers more opportunities to enter these giveaways.

Give Discounts

Promote your book/ebook for free or discounted prices. You can run a price promotion and ad campaign to advertise your book. Other platforms allow authors to offer readers special discounts by giving them a discount code number.

Build Your Networks

Reach out to book lovers, influences and other strategic partners. By reaching out to targeted readers in your genre, you can significantly grow your author platform. You can attend networking events, conferences and expos to connect with other writers, authors and even readers out there to increase your credibility as an author.

Guest Post Frequently

Guest blogging is actually one of the best ways to increase visibility. Gain influence in your genre or topic and draw readers to your website.

Reach Out To Local Bookstores.

Reach out to local bookstores and ask about consignment programs.

To get notices as a writer, the key is to not stop promoting or marketing your piece. The marketing effort for a book must continue beyond that initial days of the launch.

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